Dear Parents/Guardians of 8th Grade Students,

It’s hard to believe the end of middle school is upon us for our 8th grade students.  We have had a great time celebrating with them this month, and we look forward to our final celebration of the Class of 2026 with our promotion ceremonies taking place next week according to the following schedule:

Monday, May 23 – Promotion Ceremonies: Conquistadors Team (ELA Roth)* at 8:00 a.m. and Rough Riders Team (ELA Sutton)* at 10:30 a.m.

Tuesday, May 24 – Promotion Ceremonies: Unstoppables Team (ELA St. Louis)* at 8:00 a.m. and G-Team (ELA Nobles)* & SOAR Academy (ELA Cerreta)* at 10:30 a.m. 

*Students who have teachers on more than one team will attend the ceremony with the team in which they have a majority of classes.

ALL 8th grade CSRMS students are eligible to attend this ceremony; though, only those who have met the state requirements for middle school promotion will receive a certificate. It is important to note that, in addition to the passing of all core academic courses, another requirement is the completion of the Career Component in myLearning (students have been notified if they are not in compliance with this requirement.)  The promotion certificate will be placed in a folder, and those not receiving a certificate will receive a letter reminding them of our Extended School Year Program. 

Doors for guests will open 30 minutes prior to each ceremony, and we ask families to sit in the bleachers and in the seats in the rear of the students.  Though we do not have a limit on the number of guests each student can invite, please be mindful and understanding that seating will be limited and may require some guests to stand.

Immediately following each ceremony, families that have completed the express checkout (see link below), may take their student home with them and students are not required to return on Tuesday (if your ceremony is on Monday) and Wednesday.  If you wish to sign out your child through the express checkout, please complete the information at the following link by the end of the school day on Friday, May 20:

Also, please check the Rycor payment portal to make sure all events have been paid for, as many paid for the Gradventure trip but not the other events such as the 8th Grade Field Day on Friday.

Finally, please know how truly fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to have your child at Charles S. Rushe Middle School.  We look forward to celebrating your child’s accomplishments!


David Salerno, Principal






Hello Parents of Rushe Raven 8th Grade Students!

Last week I visited every 8th grade Social Studies classroom and presented information to the students about the upcoming 8th grade activities and the academic/behavioral requirements for participation in these events.  I am including that information in this message so that we can partner together to assist as many students as possible to participate in these events.  Our goal is to have as many students as possible participate in as many of the events as possible!  Participation in these events requires that students be meeting the criteria for promotion to High School, which is a goal that we have for all of our 8th grade students.

Here is a copy of the letter that was distributed to the students that provides information about the activities and the requirements for participation:  CSRMS 2021-22 8th Grade Activities Letter.pdf 

In addition, here is a copy of the powerpoint that was reviewed with the students and that also covers this information:  8th Grade Activities Presentation for Students 

Here is a helpful document to help you navigate the portal to make payment for the 8th Grade Activities:  8th Grade Activity Payment Guide 

If you have questions about making payments/navigating the payment portal, please contact our bookkeeper – Mrs. Cassidy @

Please note that some students are ineligible to participate at this time due to their current academic standing and will not be able to make payment at this time.  Once a student regains his/her promotion status, they will become eligible again to participate in the 8th Grade Activities and will be able to make payment for whichever events are still available.  

If you have questions about your child’s eligibility for these activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the three following staff members:

Mr. Doychak – Course Recovery/SSAP –

Mrs. Ferguson – 8th Grade School Counselor –

Mr. Middleton – 8th Grade Administrator –



Mr. Middleton – 8th Grade Assistant Principal 



Chaperone Information – Rushe Gradventure-5/6/22

· Thank you for agreeing to help with this field trip. You are appreciated.

· The buses will be leaving Rushe at approximately 1 PM. Please plan to be at the school by 12:30. You will need to park your car at the Sunlake Publix parking lot. That is where we will be returning to at the end of the evening. Please park near the back of the lot. You can arrange a ride, walk or call the school if you need a ride. Please call before noon. Once at the school, check in at the front desk and sign the volunteer book.

· Chaperones will receive a commemorative shirt. I’ve tried to get all of those to you before the trip. If you didn’t get one, please contact me or pick it up when you get to the school. Please plan to wear your t-shirt to Universal.

· Once on the bus, the bus captain will give each rider their ticket, meal coupon and wristband. Please take a picture of the back of your entry ticket.

· I will have a group list for each chaperone. It will be helpful to get the phone numbers for each member of your group. You may want to give each student your cell phone number as well.

· Please download the Remind App and add code @ 66b29e for the chaperone only thread. You can message me directly through this thread.

· Groups must stay with their chaperone until the parks are closed to the general public at 6 PM. After 6 PM, the park is locked down like Fort Knox with security all around. We ask that all students have at least one friend to buddy around with during the evening. No child should be left on their own.

· There will be chaperone lounges in each park where you can enjoy the AC, charge your phone, and grab a soft drink/snack. Please do not take students into those lounges but you can enjoy as long as you need. J

· Student forms for medical treatment will be in the first aid station at Universal. They will contact the head chaperones from there.

· The evening ends at midnight. We will be exiting via the green exit which is the Islands of Adventure main exit. Plan to meet your at approximately 11:45 AWAY from the exit. It will be a madhouse there. At approximately 11:55, start walking toward the exit. Trust me, it will save your sanity.

· We plan to arrive back at Rushe by 2 AM on Saturday at the SUNLAKE PUBLIX. · If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Floyd at