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History Fair Projects representing CSRMS at Preliminary District Level Competition:

Individual Documentary:

Danielle Swenson – “The Cuban Missile Crisis” and  Arman Kumaraswamy– “The Hitler-Stalin Pact”

 Group Documentary

Emily Geaney, Ava Edwards, Campbell Taylor and Madison Hatfield – “The Rise and Fall of the League of Nations”

Louis Cohen, Jordan Saunders, Taylor Roberts and Colby Robbins– “Red October the Spark of the Russian Civil War”

 Individual Exhibit

Elle Bouffard – “The Attack on Pearl Harbor” and  Hannah Mathis – “Title IX”

Group Exhibit

Ronak Agarwal, Erik Laari & Jake Amerson – “Behind Enemy Lines: A Walk Through the Seven Years’ War”

Jacob Diokas & Gabe Armas “The Cuban Missile Crisis”

Individual Website

Madison Meisenbach – “The Disney Company: The Road to Perfection”

Group Website

Amanda Hiatt & Hailey Mahadeen – “The United Nations: The Formation”


Rohil Agarwal – “The Independence of India: Conflict and Compromise for Freedom”