Register online now for the CSRMS 6thGrade University

August 1stfrom 9-1 for all incoming 6thgrade students!  Fee: $10

Students will have an opportunity to tour the campus and participate in fun activities in order to help them prepare for middle school.  Students will visit the media and learn about what is available to them.  Students will also visit the gymnasium and locker rooms and take part in a “Locker Frenzy” where they learn how to unlock combination locks and then race to unlock them!  Students will also take part in a Scavenger Hunt where they tour the campus looking for clues about CSRMS while gathering trinkets along the way!  At the end of the day, all students invited to a pizza party in the CSRMS Cafeteria!

Parents are asked to attend a Parent Information Session from 9:00 to 9:30.  Plan to pick up your students at 1:00.  Student who attend will have lunch served in the CSRMS cafeteria before leaving.

Use the mobile QR code to register or use the link below:

$10 payment to be made in July  via MyStudent/Acorn school fees.

Registration Link

Register now to save your seat!  An email will be sent to you in July with instructions to log in so that you may pay the $10 fee for the 6thGrade University.