In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on campus. Access the Visitor Screener or the Student Screener online. Employees should use the Employee Self-Screener.

Congratulations to our Rushe Winners!

  1. Abigail Laber – Which Mask Will Protect the Best Against COVID 19? (Biomedical & Health Science)
  2. Ava Zalta – pH of Skin Cleanser (Chemistry/Biomedical and Health Sciences)
  3. Huey Duong – Verticle Construction Effects on Bridges (Engineering)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Abby Tesh
  • Oscar Brown
  • Rickey Kase


Congratulations to the following students that participated in the School Science and Engineering Showcase this year at the School LEVEL:

  • Oscar Brown
  • Katarina Contrabasso
  • Huey Duong
  • Rickey Kase
  • Alexander Kovak
  • Abigail Laber
  • Naomi Lammers
  • Daniel McGuire
  • Claire McKenzie
  • Natalie Perez
  • Gabriella Smedley
  • Abby Tesh
  • Christopher Vargas
  • Javier Vargas
  • Ava Zalta