In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on a school campus or school district office. All three self-screeners – the Student Self-Screener, the Employee Self-Screener, and the Visitor Self-Screener – are accessible from the district’s COVID-19 protocols page and are posted on each school web page.



Congratulations to the following students for placing in the STEM fair this year. 


1st           54           Jack Maher                        Can Herd Immunity Combat  COVID-19?

1st           54           Lorenzo Blanca                 How Does the Amount of Carbon Dioxide Affect the pH of Water?

2nd          52.6       Claire McKenzie                Bye Bye Bacteria

3rd           52.3       Brenden Amick                 Painting the Roads White

4th           51           Ava Zalta                            Vitamin C in Oranges      

5th           49.6       Reese Van Brocklin          Water Filtration

6th           49           Emerson Phelps                Which Disinfectant is the Most Effective in Killing Bacteria?

7th           48.6       Bella Whiffen                     Purifying Water

8th           47.6       Feeney/Evans                    Rays the Roof

9th           47.4       Adam Williams                  UPF Shirt vs Sunscreen

10th        46           Jarrett/Robles                    “Canna” Canna Lily Grow Quickly?

11th        45           Christian Krusko                Can Sunlight Solve the World’s Clean Water Crisis?

12th        44           Onderdonk                         That is One Sweet Bridge