Steps to Online Registration –

Please click on the button above for detailed instructions for each step.

Step #1: Log-in to myStudent (Student Attendance/Grade Platform)

Step #2: Acknowledge the Legal Notices

Step #3: Validate your Address/Emergency Contact Info in myStudent

Step #4: Pay Fees & Fundraiser Opt-Out/Additional Items

Step #5: Print Student Schedule

Step #6: Review Transportation Info (English Secondary Transportation Information doc.pdf or Spanish Secondary Transportation Information Doc.pdf)

Step #7: VISIT OUR CAMPUS – Please bring your student AND the printed copy of their schedule to CSRMS on Friday, August 5, anytime during 9-11 or 1-3.  Parents/Students will be able to enjoy a self-guided tour of our campus and will be able to visit the classroom of each of their teachers.  Our teaching staff will be available in the classrooms, where students/parents will be able to “Meet the Teacher”