Diversity Club

Sponsors: Susan Smith, Catherine Roth & Jeffrey Roush

Meets on Tuesdays


Room 310

Free for anyone to join no cost.

It’s a “safe space” as well for students.

We celebrate:




Each other

Regardless of



Talents or


Guitar Club

Sponsor: Mr. Brockman

Meets on Tuesdays


Chorus Room

All are Welcome!

Student Government Association

Sponsor: Edward Doychak

Meets every other Wednesday (After elections)


Media Lab

Elected group of students focused on improving student, teacher, and community relationships. Activities include debating, learning more about politics, and developing leadership skills.

We Be Book'n Club

Sponsors: Kate McCracken, Kelli Rapaport

Begins the week of December 17th

During AIR time

To be invited, you must read Refugee by Alan Gratz

Additional information can be found here

Spanish Club

Sponsor:  Señora Mederos

Co-Sponsors: Señora Ramos                  Señora Rodriguez

Meets on the  3rd Monday of the month

Room 348

2:00 to 3:00 pm

Students must be enrolled in Spanish 2. There is a membership fee of $5

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to broaden the students´ understanding of and respect for diverse Hispanic cultures and customs by learning about Spanish-speaking countries, customs and people.

Builders Club

Sponsors: Mahalia Hennecart-Surin

Yearly membership fee is $20 (includes club pin, t-shirt, membership packet).

A community-service program for middle school students worldwide.  It is an international student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership.  The Builders Club vision is to develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service. We meet twice a month in the Cafeteria and perform various volunteer activities within our school community and some outside organizations.

Health Occupations Students of America

Sponsor: Christina Fisher

Meets 1st and 3rd

Wednesday of the month


Room 322

Must be currently enrolled in Medical Skills at Charles S. Rushe Middle School

Students Working Against Tobacco

Sponsors: Christina Fisher & Elaine White

Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month


Room 322

Confidence in Me

Sponsors: Barbara Robb-Davis, Christina Fisher, Mahalia Surin, Elaine White,

Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month


Room 322

Open to all boys and girls in all grades

Click on boys or girls for more information

$10 fee includes a t-shirt

Animal Rights Club

Sponsor: Laura Burns

Meets on Thursdays


Room 243

If not you, then who?  Animals need every one of us who cares to get active and be a force for change.  Every day, animals are being abused or neglected, and we must do everything we can to stop their suffering. We must also speak up and tell others what they can do to protect and defend animals and make their lives easier and better.  Every single person can make a difference!

Students interested in participating should be:

  • Dedicated to helping animals
  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • A team player
  • Conscientious
  • Focused and task oriented
  • Motivated

There is currently no membership fee, but monies may be collected in the event that students wish to purchase a club t-shirt or other items.




Fellowship of Christian Students

Sponsors: Chris Snyder & Kim Olsen

Meets on Mondays


Portable 17

Everyone is welcome to attend

Students play games (ping-pong, soccer, football, video games) for about 40 minutes and then a local youth pastor leads a 15-20 minute devotional/bible message.

National History Day Club

Sponsors: Tina Fields & Danielle Smith

Meets on Mondays


Room 111

Drama Club

Sponsors: Jeffrey Roush & Catherine Roth

Meets on Thursdays



Open to all grades and limited to 25 (plus Thespians)

Drama Club will help with productions each semester. Their help includes but is not limited to costumes, backstage, props, student director and technical. Students are not required to act on the stage.

Free for anyone to join no cost.

It’s a “no bully/safe place” for students.

Junior Thespians Troupe 84979

Sponsors: Jeffrey Roush & Catherine Roth

Meets Thursdays – After Drama Club



Membership by invitation based on point system set by the National Thespian Association.

Thespians are encouraged to participate in the Junior Thespian Festival each November.

Beginning in 2019 there will be a $15 fee to help defray the cost of Festival.

Biology Club

Sponsor: Kim Aursland

Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month


Room 172

Open to all grades

This club offers an in-depth look at the ecological issues Florida is facing through the exploration of various sciences.  Biology, Forensics and Ecology are among some of the sciences we will be exploring and making connections with to help us better understand what is going on in our state, and guide us in our next steps.

Coding Club

Sponsor: Janelle Livingston

Meets on Tuesdays


Room 201

Open to all grades

We are a club that is focused on learning how to code and build games. We would like to build games and compete between students for best game built.  We would love to have sponsors to purchase better coding apps and shirts for our club. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Ms. Livingston