Specific Dates for Clubs Will be Posted on the School Calendar on our Homepage

Please check back for 2022-2023 Club updates.

Student Government Association

Sponsor: Jessica Cerreta

An elected group of students focused on improving student, teacher, and community relationships. Activities include debating, learning more about politics, and developing leadership skills.

  • $15 membership fee for t-shirt and supplies
  • Meets twice a month in the Media

District Sponsored

Million Word Challenge Club

Sponsors: Kate McCracken, Kelli Rapaport, Christine Swenson

Challenge:  Read 1,000,000 words by April 2023.

Do you accept the challenge?  

Log your books on strudentreading.net to keep track of how many words you read this year.  To be approved, you must include details to show that you read the entire book, so answer the question carefully.

Click here for more information

Non-District Sponsored

Yoga Club

Sponsors: Ms. Phan

When: Mondays 1:50 – 2:30

Where:  Room 252

Yoga Club is dedicated to the practice of yoga.  We practice poses while learning about the practices of yoga and how yoga can be used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection, and increase strength and flexibility.

Non-District Sponsored

Builders Club

Sponsor: Mahalia Hennecart-Surin

Yearly membership fee is $20 (includes club pin, t-shirt, membership packet).

Application Link DUE September 1st (student must be logged into their myPascoConnect and Office365 to complete)

A community-service program for middle school students worldwide.  It is an international student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership.  The Builders Club vision is to develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service. We meet twice a month in the Cafeteria and perform various volunteer activities within our school community and some outside organizations.

District Sponsored

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Sponsor:  Mr. Chappell

Meeting Day: Tuesdays starting 8/30

Time: 1:50p-3:00p

Location: Rm 310

Blurb: Dungeons and Dragons club is a fun and exciting opportunity to play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends and classmates. Open to any student from those who have never played the game before to those who play all the time. You are free to bring your own dice, books, or accessories but the basics will be provided for those who need them. If you want to experience the possibilities of D&D and interacting with like-minded classmates come on by. And as always, is it Tuesday yet?

Non-District Sponsored

Photography/Yearbook Club

Sponsor:  Ms. S. Smith

Meeting Day: Wednesdays starting 8/31

Time: 1:50p-2:30p

Students who are interested in becoming members must apply first.  Forms are located in the front office and MUST be turned in NO LATER than September 9th.

Non-District Sponsored

Fellowship of Christian Students

Sponsors: Chris SnyderKim Olsen and Amanda Iler

When: Once a Month on Monday 1:45 – 2:45 (will be announced a week prior to meeting)

Where:  Red Portable

Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students will be kicking off the year with a Domino’s pizza party on Tuesday, September 20th after school in the Red Portable out back. We’ll eat and play for 40 minutes and then a local youth pastor will speak for 20 mins. Have your ride here to pick you up at 2:45 or sooner. You don’t have to be an athlete. Everyone’s welcome to attend. See Mrs. Iler, Mrs. Olsen, or Mr. Snyder for more information.

District Sponsored

Junior Thespians Troupe 89479

Sponsors: Michele McCarty

Membership by invitation based on point system set by the National Thespian Association.

Thespians are encouraged to participate in the Junior Thespian Festival each November.

District Sponsored

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind

Sponsor:  Mrs. Wakeman

All students are welcome, starting September through the end of February—later depending on the outcome of the regional competition.  Students must go on RICOH (the same place you pay student fees) and pay $30. All Odyssey of the Mind groups will compete.  Students will be in groups of 5-7 working on the problem the group chooses.

Meetings will be held every Tuesday until the competition.

Check out www.odysseyofthemind.com

District Sponsored