How absences affect your progress….

At Charles S. Rushe Middle School, we want our students to excel and become active members of their community. In doing that, one aspect of school that is essential is the student’s attendance each and every day. It is vital for all students to come to school every day, so that they can obtain valuable knowledge and never be left behind their fellow classmates. In support of this, here are examples of the instructional time a student loses when they decide to not come to school for certain periods of time.

If a student misses:

  • 1 day of school that equals to——————-270 minutes of quality instruction
  • 3 days of school that equals to——————810 minutes of quality instruction
  • 1 week (5 days) of school that equals to——–1,350 minutes of quality instruction
  • 2 weeks  (10 days) of school that equals to—–2,700 minutes of quality instruction
  • 3 weeks (15 days) of school that equals to——4,500 minutes of quality instruction

When you look at these numbers, it is shocking how many minutes behind a student can get if they miss a broad range of school. Of course, when sickness strikes we all need to address that.  However, excessive absences such as these leave the child way behind their classmates. It also makes it that much more difficult to get caught up.