Important information for Gradventure on Friday, May 12, 2023.


  1. Students will leave the school at approximately 1 PM on our charter buses.  Please do not park in the bus loop by the cafeteria until these buses have left the premises.
  2. Students attending the field trip MUST wear the official Gradventure shirt and only carry the official bag.  No backpacks are allowed on the buses.  They will be left behind at school until Monday morning.  The Gradventure shirts may not be altered in any way.  If they are mutilated, then the student will forfeit their opportunity to attend.
  3. Students are expected to be in acceptable school dress code for the entire day.
  4. The students will receive a meal coupon for one meal at the park.  They can take extra money to purchase snacks, drinks and more food.
  5. We will return at approximately 2 AM to the Shoppes of Sunlake parking lot.  The school lot will not be open, and students should not plan to ride their bikes to school on Friday morning.


Promotion Ceremony times have changed!

May 24

8:30 – G-Force & Incredibles (Nobles & Cerreta)

11:00 – Unstoppables & Guardians of the Galaxy (Moran & Plancer)


May 25

8:30 – Rough Riders (Sutton)

11:00 – Conquistadors (Roth)


  • Chaperones must be approved volunteers.
  • Chaperone tickets cost $130.
  • Chaperone tickets include entrance to Universal, a meal voucher, and a Gradventure t-shirt.
  • Chaperones must drive separately and are responsible for parking fees.
  • Siblings or other family members are not permitted to attend unless they are over 18 AND approved volunteers.
  • Link to volunteer application:



Parent Letter

Charles S Rushe Middle School

8th Grade Gradventure Information

January 17, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On Friday, May 12th 2023, the 8th grade class at Charles S. Rushe Middle School is invited to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure’s Gradventure. This is an end of middle school celebration for eighth grade students from across Florida. All eligible students are invited to participate in this exciting evening of fun and entertainment. The cost of the trip will be $160.00 per student. This includes bus transportation to/from Orlando, admission to both theme parks, dinner, the official 8th grade field trip t-shirt, and a drawstring backpack. Students will pay online through School Pay.

After 6:00 P.M., Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure close to the general public. At that time, only students and school chaperones are permitted to stay. As this is the case, students are permitted to explore the parks in groups of 2 or more. We want to be sure that you understand these groups will not have a chaperone with them at all times. All students will be required to check in at designated times, established by their chaperones through Remind, throughout the duration of the evening. Students who do not check in as required will forfeit permission to be without a chaperone.

A chaperone ticket is $130.00 and includes entrance to the park, dinner coupon, and an official Gradventure t-shirt. Chaperones will need to drive separately and are responsible for paying for parking. Chaperone wristbands also serve as a fast pass for the chaperone (not their entire group). Chaperone payments will be accepted any time up until March 31, 2023. There are a limited number of chaperone spots available, so please check before paying for your ticket in advance. (E-mail Mrs. Floyd at – please note that to chaperone you must be an approved volunteer – please click on this link to apply to become an approved volunteer if you have not done so already:


The buses will leave Charles S. Rushe Middle School at approximately 1:15 P.M. and will return for pick-up at the Publix (SR 54 & Sunlake BLVD) parking lot at approximately 2:00 A.M. Your punctuality in picking up your son/daughter is very much appreciated. Please note that students will not be allowed to walk or ride a bike home after returning to school, as this would compromise student safety. Each student must have transportation arranged at the end of the evening.


There are a limited number of tickets available (370) and they will be reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis. The final deadline to turn in all money and permission slips will be Friday, March 31.

Student Eligibility/Safety:

We believe in affording our students the opportunity to participate in rewarding experiences. In order to accomplish our goal, it is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment. As with all end of year events, student participation is contingent upon student behavior and academics.

Students must meet the following criteria in order to attend Gradventure

  • Return a signed permission slip with full payment before March 31 (will be sent home)
  • No referrals after January 18th that results in either ISS or OSS
  • No F’s on the calculated 8th Grade End of Year grades, as of March 31
  • No prior (6th or 7th grade) course failures that have not been recovered by March 31

For additional eligibility requirement information, please review the 8th Grade Activities Letter and Powerpoint Presentation shared by Mr. Doychak via email and that is also posted on our school website.

Students must meet individual class, team, and administrative guidelines to be eligible to attend an activity or event. For safety reasons, we may choose to deny attendance to students that have exhibited poor or questionable behavior at any time prior to the trip. Parents will be made aware of any concerns that may affect a student’s participation prior to the event.

The Pasco County Code of student conduct is in effect at all school related events. Any student choosing to violate the Student Code of Conduct, either by association or by committing the act personally, will receive any or all of the interventions prescribed by the District School Board of Pasco County.

Dress Code:

All students will be required to dress in accordance with the school dress code and that of Universal Studios. It will also be required that each student wear their official t-shirt for the duration of the event. Students not wearing their official t-shirt will not be allowed on the bus.

Payment Information/Forms:

Students may pay in full at any time until Friday, March 31 (as long as seats are available.) Any students with additional needs (regarding payments) are asked to see Mrs. Floyd. Students should see Mrs. Floyd in room 301 to submit their permission slips. Also, please remember tickets are on a “first come, first serve” basis. Payment is through School Pay (Rycor). Please contact Mrs. Floyd for any other arrangements.


Once tickets are ordered on March 31, Universal will allow NO refunds to be given. Tickets purchased for this event are valid only on May 12, 2023. Therefore, students purchasing a ticket must govern themselves in a way that will allow them to remain eligible to attend this trip. Please refer to the student eligibility section. We are hopeful that students will represent our school with pride and that the evening will be a safe and fun-filled experience for all.

If after buying a ticket, the student is unable to attend FOR ANY REASON, the student/parent must submit a written request for refund by March 31, 2023. Any refund request after that day will not be accepted but every attempt will be made to have another student purchase the spot. Any unused monies will be used for 8th grade end of year celebrations.

Thank you,

Charles S. Rushe Middle School