As we plan for 4th quarter, we will be implementing a new student electronic use policy. As you may know, the incidents of students using social media have increased and the toll it has taken on their mental health has had profound effects. Our school mission statement states in part, “…we will provide a safe and positive learning environment…” To this end, the aim of this policy is to increase student engagement and classroom learning, as well as decrease behaviors that interfere with the promotion of a positive school environment and encouraging more positive communication with peers and adults. This new policy, which has been vetted through our PTSA, School Advisory Council, and School Leadership Team, will go into effect upon our return from spring break on Tuesday, March 21. 


The policy will require all student electronic devices including but not limited to, phones, tablets, personal laptops, Wi-Fi enabled watches, and earbuds, must be turned off and placed in the student’s backpack upon entering the school building. 


These devices must remain off during the school day with the following exceptions:

1) Students with documented medical needs as prescribed by a physician.

2) Student’s assigned lunch period up until dismissal from lunch.

3) Students with documented learning or behavior accommodations that allow for electronic use will be provided a school-issued device.


We appreciate our families’ support with this new policy by reviewing this with their children. Also, the school district has begun seeking input from all stakeholders on the use of cell phones in schools through a Thought Exchange. I encourage parents to participate in providing input on the following link